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Hello everyone and welcome to the P2A blog.

This is where you will see all the exciting learning taking place in P2A.


Watch this space – you don’t want to miss it!

Dojo Rewards

Everyone has worked so hard this year that P2 have decided to ‘club’ their points together to Watch a Movie, have a Class Party and Bring a Toy to school.

We will be celebrating our successes on Wednesday afternoon and the children have opted for a pyjama party.  Wednesday is looking like a very hot day, so for those who want to wear them, bring your pyjamas in your bag and we can get changed into them after lunch.  We don’t want anyone to get too hot!

No electronic toys please.

Watch this space for photos of our party. 🙂

Hand washing in P2

Today we were so lucky to have Anna, Community Staff Nurse for Schools, visit us.  She helped us think about why and when we need to wash our hands.  Anna showed us the correct way to wash our hands and we got to check just how clean they were by using her fantastic light box.

Which parts of your hands were the most difficult to clean properly?

Ask your child why it is important for us to wash our hands regularly and when we should wash  them. 🙂

Healthy Drinks!

What a wonderful day we’ve had making our healthy, balanced and of course delicious drinks. 🙂

P2B's Class Blog

What a busy day! We welcomed a delivery of healthy food this morning and then started to design, prepare and create a healthy and balanced drink with a partner.

Here are A LOT of photos to prove it! 🙂

What did you choose for your drink?

Can you explain which part of the Eatwell Guide each of your ingredients came  from?

Did you enjoy the flavour of your drink? What could have made it even better?

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